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meaning “great, robust, extraordinary”

Authentic Japanese Restaurant with Extraordinary Taste


The Wei Ramen Story

Ramen lovers in Indianapolis have long been able to slurp their noodles and broth at any number of restaurants in the city, including in the ever-expanding and ramen-dense North End. But in the downtown, quality ramen isn’t anywhere near as prolific as it is on the other side of the city, which is what is making the debut of Wei Ramen so hotly-anticipated.

Wei Ramen is the domain of Qi Biao Dong, a long time restaurateur and Asian food market owner. Joe sought to include the Japanese heritage in a subtle but meaningful ways throughout the restaurant, starting with the name, which draws from the names of beloved family members, and in touches like the beautiful lantern that graces the exterior.

And their ramen? Qi Biao Dong is the chef of the operation, and he trained in the Japan to perfect his ramen technique and flavors. Offering a tonkotsu-style broth (with a pork base simmered for 20 hours), Hachiro has Shoyu and Miso flavors, with the option to make it spicy, or go vegetarian. The noodles are on the thinner side, but have a lovely chew and snap, and come at a generous portion for a well-matched broth to noodle ratio.

Meat lovers will appreciate the tender, juicy, and smoky pieces of chashu pork; the secret is the swim the slices take in a sous-vide bath before being done on the grill. Pair that with the rich flavored broth, the snappy noodles, the sweet corn and bright bite of green onion, and you’ve got a to-die-for bowl of ramen at Wei Ramen

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Wei Ramen Hours

  • Monday - Thursday 10:30AM - 09:00PM
  • Friday - Sunday 10:30AM - 10:00PM

Signature Dishes


6pcs. of Japanese pan-fried marinated pork dumpling w. special dumpling sauce


Veggie & egg Japanese pancake w. katsu sauce Japanese mayo & bonito flakes

iconTonkotsu Ramen

Choice of: roasted pork chashu/roasted chicken chashu natural rich & smooth pork broth w. light soy sauce flavor, straight noodle, half soft-boiled egg, fish cake, bamboo, ginger pickle, wakame seaweed, scallion


Served with: 4pcs of Japanese fried chicken & Japanese curry sauce


Roasted pork w. cucumber, lettuce, spicy mayo bun sauce.

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  • 36 E Washington Rd.
    Indianapolis IN 46204
  • +1 317-280-7599
  • Monday - Thursday 10:30AM - 09:00PM
  • Friday - Sunday 10:30AM - 10:00PM